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Masvingo Maintenance client

The maintenance order I was granted did not only serve as financial empowerment but also worked as a unification agent between my son and his father. I raised my son alone from birth until he was 10 years old without any assistance from his father. Efforts to apply for maintenance were in vain as I did not have the know-how and neither did I have his residential address. When ZWLA opened an office in Masvingo I approached the office and was assisted to apply for maintenance where upon I was granted US$80 per month. I have since managed to transfer my son from a rural school where he was paying US$25 to an urban school where I now live with him and pay US$50 as school fees. In addition, from the time the maintenance order was granted the father of the boy began making requests to see the child and spend time with him. The boy has spent several weekends at his father’s place and is happy with the reunion.He says he now shares stories of adventures and experiences of him and his father with his friends at school and so he is no longer alienated when such discussions come up.