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In the mountainous district of Chimanimani lies Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association Chimanimani office .Our offices are located at the Chimanimani Rural District Hospital where we partner with Zimbabwe Association of Church Related Hospitals (ZACH) to operate a One Stop Centre. The One Stop Centre is the only facility in the district offering a comprehensive approach to fighting Gender Based Violence, child marriages, rape, and the spread of HIV/AIDS.  It gives holistic services which are health, psychological support, legal and police services to survivors under one roof as well as transportation and this is free of charge. Help to survivors is availed in the whole District which is comprised of 23 wards. At the moment ZWLA is the only organization permanently based in Chimanimani giving free legal assistance to women and children. In addition the office also offers Helpdesk services at the Chimanimani Magistrates Court on Tuesdays every fortnight.


Chinhoyi office is situated in the CBD at address No.109 North drive, in Makonde district urban. The office has been involved in a number of projects including office legal aid, help desk, one stop centre, court monitoring, mobile legal aid clinic, community legal educations and website meetings.  Currently the office is run by one legal officer and the contact details are 0783 279 480, the same has been used to create social media accounts e.g. whatsapp to make it easier to communicate with clients.

Though the office’s physical presence is in Makonde and Zvimba, it has a wide coverage in the whole of Mashonaland West; clients come from as far as Karoi, Hurungwe, chikuti and kariba. This is mainly because ZWLA is the only organization that offers free legal services that has its physical presence in Mashonaland West.

The office has different funders and they are as follows

  • TRACE –whose objective is to increase access to justice
  • AWDF- Whose objective is to strengthen the institutional and human-capacity?
  • UNFPA- This one funds the
  • One stop centre project. Objective is to provide inte grated support and assistance for sexual crime survivors in one place.
  • Amplify Change- whose objective is to advocate for sexual and reproductive rights


Located at the heart of Gweru is the ZWLA office which is centered at the Gweru One Stop Centre, a haven for survivors of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence. The office is a stone throw away from the Gweru CBD, easily accessible at the point of contact. Our office is located at Gweru Provincial Hospital and it attends to people from across the province. The Gweru office offers a safe haven for survivors of gender based violence by offering free legal aid services and referral to other stakeholders for issues outside the ZWLA scope. ZWLA offers services to clients in and around Gweru urban and rural, Shurugwi as well as Chirumanzu district. The ZWLA Gweru office is funded by UNFPA whose objective is to provide adequate services to all survivors of gender based violence. Not only is the Gweru office stationed at the One Stop Centre, but it is also strategically positioned at the courts' helpdesk in Gweru, Shurugwi and Mvuma targeting indigent women, people living with disabilities and those from rural setups. Shurugwi and Gweru helpdesk is funded by TRACE while the Mvuma helpdesk is funded by the European Union. The main objective for both these funders is to create a just world free from inequality by targeting people from disadvantaged groups.  

For all your family law related issues feel free to contact our legal officers on the following details: 0783279479, for a one on one session visit our offices at the One Stop Centre, Gweru Provincial Hospital, and Shurugwi Road Gweru.


The ZWLA Kwekwe office is implementing a Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (GBV) project in partnership with the Zimbabwe Association of Church Related Hospitals. The project is funded by Global Fund and is complemented through a One Stop Centre initiative which is designed to provide a holistic approach in assisting survivors of Gender based Violence specifically focusing on adolescent girls and young women aged 10 to 24 years. The project operates in the Kwekwe district inclusive of both rural and urban areas.

Through a multi-sectoral approach, the OSC provides all services that are crucial to survivors of GBV and sexual abuse. This is effected through an effective referral pathway which ensures that survivors of GBV get access to healthcare, psychosocial support, and legal aid services all in one place free of charge.


The ZWLA office is located at Suite number 5, fidelity building, 121 Gum Street Kwekwe. The OSC is operating at Kwekwe General Hospital.

Contact details


Contact Person: Tinotenda Madzokere
Contact Details- Phone: 0783279486
Physical Address: Rusape General Hospital, Makoni One Stop Centre, Box 10, Rusape.

The Rusape office is located at Makoni One Stop Centre at Rusape General Hospital. The District which is under Manicaland Province comprises of 49 wards in total 10 being urban and 39 being rural. Tobacco farming is the basis of livelihood in the district and the way of life is centered on the different seasons of the cash crop which also influences Gender Based Violence occurrences. The office is funded by UNFPA under the One Stop Centre Initiative, it should be noted that the Makoni One Stop Centre is the National Pilot project of the One Stop Centre Initiative and has given birth to three similar Government facilities.

Legal aid provided by the office forms part of the one stop shop services offered at the center. The One Stop Center gives access to holistic services which are legal, health, psychosocial support, and police services to survivors under one roof and free of charge. In addition to providing legal aid at the One Stop Centre, the office also provides legal aid at Rusape Magistrates Court each Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday under the Help Desk Initiative. The Help Desk Initiative and service is funded by TRACE.

As part of ZWLA’s work in championing the rights of women and children the Rusape officer is also the District Gender Council Chairperson and is in charge of planning meetings for all Gender Response stakeholders where they share reports of the work done towards eradicating Gender Based Violence. She is also the rapporteur of the District at the Provincial Gender Council which feeds into the National Gender Council.