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A non-profit making organisation based in Zimbabwe

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop, defend and dialogue on women and children’s rights.

Access To Justice

By providing free legal services, we have managed to change women's lives for the better.

Current Activities

Conference Call - National Women Lawyers' Conference

  CONFERENCE CALL       THEME: ‘Making the constitution work for women and children: Translating gender sensitive constitutional provisions into a tangible r

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Minimum Demands for the Gender Commission Bill

The Bill should clearly state the significance of the Gender Commission through the inclusion of constitutional provisions advancing gender equality and promoti

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Women Human Rights Defenders Awards

On the 14th of November, ZWLA recognised four Women Human Rights Defenders under the following categories: 1. WHRD Lawyer 2. WHRD Non-Lawyer   3. Young WHRD

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Our sites out of Harare

Zimbabwe Women Lawyers has five new sites out of Harare and Bulawayo and these are as follows:     1.Murehwa - office 25 and 31                    Council Of

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MSC Story: Fadzai Madhaka

MSC stories, focus group discussions and key informant interviews feedback In an attempt to assess ZWLA’s effectiveness in the lives of women and the communities

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MSC Story: Mary Moyo

Human Interest Story 1 In a separate interview, a Bulawayo based woman was also assisted by ZWLA was pleased to share her story. Although her case was still pend

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Mildred Mapingure vs. Minister of Health and Others (2014)

1. Summary of facts and findings of the Supreme Court of Zimbabwe Summary Mapingure approached the High Court citing the Minister of Home Affairs, the

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Reflections on the tortuous tale of Mildred Mapingure by Sarudzayi Njerere

The story of Mildred Mapingure, shocking as it is, is summarised in the thirty-three page judgment of the Supreme Court in less than a page. In that story we ca

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Press Room

Gender Sensitive Reporting On Sexual Violence: Some Get It Right While Others Get It Woefully Wrong

The media is a trusted link between society and what happens within and around it, therefore, as a medium of information distribution it is bound to have an impact on  the society. It therefore has a responsi

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An Analysis of the Sexual Violence Coverage in the Chronicle 2014

Zimbabwe has a high prevalence of sexual gender based violence (GBV) and rape is one such form. This article examines the portrayal of incidents of rape and sexual harassment in the media with a specific focu

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Abuse of the Rights of Women and Children in the "Vapostori Sect"

For the past 22 years, the Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association has always noted with disturbing concern that there is violence and the abuse of the rights of women and children within the “sects” of the “Vaposto

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Marriage Laws in Zimbabwe:

A Call for Government to Protect Children and Ensure that Zimbabwe Stops Marriages of 16 Year Olds

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Know Your Rights

How To

The know your rights section is designed to help you have a basic understanding of how to apply for maintenance, a protection order or what to do when your husband dies and you need to register the estate. Read and be informed.

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About ZWLA

Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association is a non-profit making organisation based in Zimbabwe, which strives to create a just world free from injustice and inequality – and we work 365 days a year to help that vision become a reality. 

Our mission is to develop, defend and dialogue on women and children’s rights.

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