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Welcome to Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association

ZWLA seeks to initiate, facilitate and support the creation of a constructive and equitable justice system that treats men and women as equal citizens and actively addresses the rights of children. Our Goal as an organisation is to promote a Zimbabwean society where women are empowered and assert their rights within a justice system that treats men and women equally and that is sensitive to the needs of children.

What We Do

Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association is a non-profit making organisation based in Zimbabwe, which strives to create a just world free from injustice and inequality – and we work 365 days a year to help that vision become a reality. 

Our mission is to develop, defend and dialogue on women and children’s rights.

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Access To Justice

The Access to Justice Department sees on average 60 indigent women a day, with various legal problems. By providing free legal services, we have managed to change women's lives for the better. 

We have made it possible for women to live lives free from fear, violence and abuse.

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Transformative Justice

Transformative Justice Department seeks to ensure that the national laws and policies in place adequately respond to women’s needs in conformity with standards set out in the various international and regional human rights frameworks. 

This is done through lobbying and advocacy.

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