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Harare Maintenance client

I had been married to my husband for over 20 years when he left me for another woman, stopped providing for us and paying school fees for our children. I approached ZWLA for assistance and I was advised to apply for a lump sum maintenance as he was about to get his pension. ZWLA assisted me with the completion of maintenance papers and empowered me to be a self-actor in court. The empowerment sessions helped me clearly articulate my case in court without intimidation and I was awarded 40.5% of his pension as my lump sum maintenance. When he received a sum of US$20 000 as his pension, US$8 100 was transferred to my account. The court also ruled that he pays monthly maintenance from his monthly pension income. I am grateful for the empowerment I got from ZWLA more so; the economic aspect and I intend to take back my children to school, get a stand at the rural home and build a home for my family. If funds still permit, I intend to buy cattle and goats for use and store of wealth.