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ZWLA is a non-profit making organisation and registered as a Trust. It was formed in 1992 by Women Lawyers and it got registered under the Deeds Registries Act (Chapter 20:05) in 1996. It is open to Zimbabwean female lawyers, whether resident in or outside the country. Female law students can also join the organisation as Associate Members.

At the apex of ZWLA is the Board of Directors who are voted into office at a Members’ Annual General Meeting (AGM). Only fully subscribed members can vote or be voted into office.

Benefits of membership

ZWLA watches out for the professional interests of female lawyers and as a member, one benefits from being: -

  • part of a broad network of female lawyers of all ages where you can network with others in different sectors of the legal fraternity;
  • part of the group influencing law and policy reforms for the protection of women’s rights.
  • mentored by senior lawyers to grow and strengthen your skills;
  • a mentor and support of other female lawyers on their journey.

Other benefits also include:

  • access to training opportunities;
  • opportunity to grow one’s brand by being profiled;
  • getting an opportunity to be a philanthropic lawyer by;
  1. representing indigent women, and
  2. contributing in cash and kind for a specific cause.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

As members since our core business is to provide free legal services to indigent women, this presents perfect opportunities for Corporate Social Responsibility for female lawyers as they give back to members of the society.

Professional Development

ZWLA also believes in professional development and as such members receive communication quite often in this regard and this include issues to do with job opportunities, scholarships and consultancies. Due to the organisation’s partnership with other organisations, it gets its information from a wide range of reliable networks.

Annual Conferences

ZWLA hosts annual women lawyers’ conferences which provide Continuous Professional Development (CPD). These conferences have an added advantage in that an attendee collects Law Society of Zimbabwe points which points are necessary for the following year’s practicing certificate. Members are given first preferences to attend such conferences.

Regular Members’ Meetings

These members’ meeting provides platforms for networking and mentorships. They also provide opportunities for members to give input into strategies the organisation may be working on, as well as general advise on how the Secretariat should respond to emerging issues affecting programming. Members also contribute to current legal issues especially those affecting women in Zimbabwe and the welfare of female lawyers.

Types of Membership

There are two broad categories of membership types and these are: -

  • Members
  • Associates

Under Associate Members there are further two categories namely: -

  • Students and
  • Interns

Under the members’ category, these are female lawyers who are registered practising lawyers either working in private practice or those who are in public and the private sectors. And under associate members are those who are either studying towards their law degree or those who have completed but awaits registration and or being employed. Women who are working in the legal field but do not possess a legal qualification can also join ZWLA under this category of membership. These members do not have a right to vote or be voted for.

Annual membership Subscriptions

Annual subscriptions are decided at AGMs and currently they stand as follows:

Members: ZWL 500.00
Interns:   ZWL 200.00
Students: ZWL 80.00

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